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2020 CPNE


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I am an Excelsior student waiting on my CPNE date during Covid. Looking to find other students that may have also been emailing excelsior for update. I want to compare notes and see what others have been told as they reach out. Anyone else in the same boat. Unable to CPNE so unable to move on to BSN program?

Lizi Peate

Specializes in Pediatric LPN. Has 6 years experience.

I am also an Excelsior student. This topic has been the center of our CPNE discussions. There has been a lot of information bouncing around that suppository NY state board of nursing will not allow Excelsior to eliminate the CPNE, which is not exactly what was asked. It was however asked to find an alternative such as virtual. However, no one from the college will comment on this. There was a pilot program where you could get the NSL portion done virtually, but it was by invitation only. Did you hear that the Albany NY CPNE location is to open on the 12th? It has not been confirmed by the Excelsior staff however. They have not been good at communicating with us and providing us with information on what is going on.