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Cpne study partner in s.e. Ga.

Hello all,

I am in search for a CPNE study partner in South East Georgia. Is there anyone here interested? Or, do you know anyone that may take a personal interests in helping other students perfect their labs, pneumonics, and AOC?? I have taken a workshop, but still feel unprepared can anyone help? Thanks.


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have you checked on the epn at the Excelsior website? that may be one resource. i am not quite ready for the cpne yet, but the rn that i work with has agreed to follow me around when we work together and critique me, i'll just hand her a sheet with my mneumonics on it. if nothing else, i'll be used to being watched! do you work in a patient care environment? i'm also trying to incorporate the 20 min check into my routine when i first introduce myself to my pts in the mornings. that way, it'll all be second nature by the time i get there. i hope. :uhoh3:. good luck!!!!

The best alternative is to practice at work as much as possilble and get one of your supervisors to observe you when s/he is not too busy. Good luck.

Yes, I have posted this request also on EPN...Hopefully, I will be able to find a study partner in practicing for CPNE...But, if not, I still have to practice, practice, practice! thanks.

One piece of advice I can give you is to be very aware of time limits. Practice with a clock or stopwatch. You can't do your PCS like you have the rest of your life to take care of that patient. Completing everything but only leaving yourself 5 minutes to do your charting at the end, will fail you just as surely as doing something wrong or leaving out a step.


If you are still looking for a study partner i am very interested. I live in the atlanta but would be willing to meet you somewhere if you are not close. I am testing at grady at the end of june and am very nervous. I can be contacted at Nemai27@yahoo.com Thanks dee

Hi Dee,

I sent you an email. Yes, I am still looking for a study partner. I have found one, but do to her constraints we can't practice too often together. Would you like to join us? Thanks.

Have you tested for CPNE yet? If not, when will you be testing? I'm in southeast Georgia. I hope to take CPNE shortly.


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