CPNE Rationales info sources?


anyone of you CPNE graduates know of a good source for studying/learning rationales (box at bottom of Evaluation Phase)? i have highlighted the blurb in our Carpenitos...just wanted to know more...thanks!

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I didn't really put much effort into that part to tell ya the truth. I simpy used that highlighted section and plugged in my Nursing Dx. I don't have the Carpenito's anymore, but I think it was something like, (Fluid and Electrolyte balance- or other nursing Dx or Area of Care) "is a basic physiological need, without it the patient's condition would deteriorate."

I think for one rationale for the Nursing Dx Imparied Mobility that I chose for a particular patient I used, "Mobility is a basic physiological need, without adequate mobility the patient's condition would deteriorate." Blah blah. I tried to keep it simple. Hope that helps!


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yeah, that helps anticoagulationurse, thanks. so, as long as it explains the rationale for the priority nursing dx choice, using that basic blurb and customizing it, i should be alright. i'll go back to studying the other stuff. thanks again acn!

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