CPNE aoc's: what order do you think is the most efficient for assessments


I am trying to get my cpne routine down packed. I know that we will not be assigned all areas of care, but in practice with my mock lab setup at home i am practicing all areas everyday, yet i don't feel like my flow is very efficient. In a perfect world, what order would you do all areas of care. And if you feel so inclined to include rationals, i would appreciated it immensely. Still feeling a little overwhelmed, still reading my study guide and using Rob's CPNE aoc and lab video and ebooks. thanks!:D:uhoh3::D:uhoh3::heartbeat:uhoh3::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::D


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Hi, order of things for CPNE.. you can also clarify everything by phone with EC:

20minute Check, Hydration, 02 management, Pain Assess, Neuro, PVA, Resp Assess

Resp Mgmt, Abdominal, Musculo and Mobility.. (abdominal should be done before any movement)

and remember, with all Management areas, you have to reassess, and get patient response.

Good luck with yo studies.


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You will feel like your flow is weird when you are practicing, I practiced with a buddy and we always were worried when we did the CPNE it would feel awkward and staged but it didn't, it was a great weekend!

You cannot really plan how you will attack your assessments until you get in there, you can kind of make a strategy in your head but you never know what kind of interruptions will pop up.

I used a grid and I stuck to it! It saved my butt a few times. I did the 20 min check right away and usually vitals and then declared them and got them out of the way. Then just took it from there, once you are with the patient it flows naturally, atleast I felt like it did, they know you are there taking an exam too and they want you to do good :-)

Remember these people are in the hospital, so they will be getting a tray, physical therapy, family visitors, nurses and techs, respiratory treatments, they may have to go potty or even better potty in the bed, you just never know. Go with the flow, be confident and think like an RN--they want to see you in control under pressure.

Good luck!!! :-)


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thanks ladies, and congrats Beachnurse84, shona123 congrats to you too if you passed already.

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Best of Luck to you!!!!