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So, I've just been accepted into a Pharmacy Technology program. I will be done in a year and I hope to find a decent paying job and be on my way to nursing school. I chose Pharmacy Tech first because I have 3 kids and I've been a stay at home mom for 5 years. I'm ready to help my husband in supporting our family and a Pharmacy Tech job will enable me to do so while I'm pursuing my nursing degree. Has anyone else went from CPhT to RN? Will this help me get into a nursing program? My plan is to become an RN, then BSN, and hopefully MSN. I've also been doing a lot of research on CRNAs and though it sounds like something I would enjoy, I'm worried I will miss out on my children because it sounds very demanding. Any advice from CRNAs would be greatly appreciated. What kind of hours do you work? What are some pros/cons in that career? How long were you in school?

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When I was a pharmacy tech, you learned on the job. You didn't go to school. Are you working retail or private? I did both. It doesn't help you get into nursing school. What is helps with is learning abbreviations, may help with pharmacology, and a little understanding of how to read a doctor's writing? It also depends on what kind of store or private company how scheduling works. Some stores are 24 hour and no days off for holidays and some have regular hours. If you work in a busy pharmacy, you will be busy all of the time. I did data entry for a private company and it was so boring. I typed in 1 PO QD all the time. Which meant take 1 by mouth daily. I honestly wouldn't go to school for it. Most places will train you on the job. Also it will be hard to work during nursing school, especially with three kids. I would sit down and rethink your plan. Do you want to be a tech or a nurse? If your end goal is nursing, I would waste my time or money on tech school. This is from someone that teched for several years.


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Most pharmacies in this area only hire cpht who have been through this program. I'm currently looking for on the job training so that when I come out of school, I have some experience along with my clinicals. I have a great support system so I'm confident I can at least handle working and taking basic classes to get into the nursing program. But with a GED I'm hoping having completed a program it will help them consider me for a position in the nursing program. If I have to quit working to do the nursing

program then I have that option. Thank you for your help. Are you in a nursing program now?


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I went from cpht to RN. I graduated May this year and was fortunate enough to find a position in the neuro icu thanks to the help of a friend. I did not go through a pharmacy tech program as it is not required to become certified. As a previous poster had mentioned working as a pharmacy tech at least in a retail or hospital setting will help you become familiar with medications which is a big plus for nursing school. I recommend you try to find a job in the hospital as a pharmacy tech that way you have a secure position there as an RN because it sure as hell is not easy finding one without experience.