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Good day everyone, I am an RN Case Manager who is involved with quality improvement and would like some insights on the CPHQ exam. Did this exam help you land a job in the Quality Improvement Department? How would you rate the exam, was it difficult, doable, etc.? Any insight will be helpful and much appreciated. Thank you.

Hi! I just passed my CPHQ today. I'm already in quality so career wise, I have yet to see if it makes a difference. I did think it was a little difficult. I think it depends on how long you've been in quality. Quite a bit was application so you'd have to study more if you were new and it would be more difficult.

Hi maiday, thanks for your input. Congratulations on passing the exam.í ½í¸Š What resources and review materials did you find most helpful?

I used the Janet Brown book and CPHQ secrets.

Thanks maiday. Mind if I send you a PM or email? Thanks for your reply.

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