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Hi all!! I am having some trouble deciding between taking the ENPC class or obtaining my CPEN. I currently have ACLS, PALS, TNCC, and within the last 6 months have obtained the new title of CEN. I know that CPEN is a board certified exam and ENPC is not, but after that I am totally clueless. Could you help me out by giving me your input regarding which of the two you prefer?? I am just wondering if I should obtain ENPC and use it as a building block for studying for CPEN or just skip ENPC all together. Any opinions/thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!:)

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I've been told that ENPC is a great foundation for CPEN study. I'd recommend getting your ENPC first, then using that book for your CPEN. That's what our clinical leader did, and she said the ENPC book was all she studied for CPEN.



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I will echo what Lisa (LunahRN) said, as an ENPC instructor myself, this is a wonderful tool and for the most part, covers A LOT of the CPEN exam blueprint.