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I've seen lots of forums for applicants applying to CPCC in past semesters, so I thought I'd see if I can get an idea of who all may be applying for Spring 2019! I'm curious to find out who my competition is! :)

I've applied for spring 2019! What are your stats?

Hi! Awesome, I just finished my application.

On the TEAS I got an 83.0 in reading, 93.8 in math, and a 87.3 overall. Reading is usually my best subject so idk what happened there ������

My overall application score is 52.4. I'm so nervous, I really hope that's enough for entry into the program! What are your stats?

I'll be applying in August! I'm taking BIO 168 now and will only have BIO 169 left to take by the time I apply. I take the TEAS 8/20 and if i get the minimum scores my app should be around 52-53 points.

Any suggestions on the TEAS? I'm TERRIFIED to take it!

First suggestion would be to try and keep your mind at ease! I'm not big on standardized tests but I felt it was manageable, so don't worry, just study :)

As far as studying goes, my best advice is to do lots of practice questions from lots of resources (apps, study books, quizlet, etc). Practice > reading material over and over. Only read and study topics you don't understand. The math is fairly basic so you should be fine. The reading section isn't hard, but it's tricky if that makes sense. Thoroughly read the question, and don't over think the answer. Also, on each question there is likely to be at least one silly answer to get rid of. For science, study up on your A&P. The questions varied greatly between hormones, anatomical structure, body fluids, cells, etc. Grammar section is tricky, but just study up and, again, do lots of practice problems!

Thank you SO much for the advice!! :)

Hey guys! I have been searching everywhere to see if anyone else is applying to the program for spring 2019, I am so grateful that I found this forum. I have a few questions, How long did you study for the teas and what did you use to study? Oh, and I am sure both of you will get in with those scores! :)

I studied a solid three weeks I'd say. For study materials I used Mometrix and ATI study books, as well as downloaded the ATI app on my phone and did daily questions. Quizlet helped as well.

Took the teas yesterday and ended up with a 77! Not the best but I'm SO relieved I made the minimum since I barely studied. My application score will be 53.99 and I'll be submitting this week. Hopefully it's good enough! I don't have the patience to wait another semester lol.

Hi everyone!! I also just applied for Spring of 2019! I finalized my application last week. My overall score was a 54.1. I hope that's good enough! Anyone else taking Microbiology this semester??

Hi everyone! First of all, good luck to all of you! I have a question for those of you that have 50+ points on your application. Do you have bachelor or assocate degrees or the points from high school classes? I'm asking because there is no way I can apply with that many points, even if I were to get a perfect score on the TEAS. Maybe I'm missing something but the most points you can receive on section two (prerequisites) is 23 and then your points from the TEAS. If you don't already have a degree or the high school points, the maximum points you can apply with is 53. So I was just wondering if all of you with over 50 points received the extra points for education. If not, how did you get so many points?

I feel like I won't stand a chance of ever getting into CPCC's nursing program without already having a degree. I have completed all my prerequisites, I have a 4.0 GPA & 20 years experience as a certified medical assistant, working in a clinical setting. Unfortunately, none of that counts on the application. I'm taking the TEAS in a few days, I have been studying like crazy but if I don't get 90% across the board, I won't have enough points to compete. :(

Hey, caligirl! I specifically do have a previous bachelors degree, that's why my application points are a little higher. I'm missing 1 A&P class and didn't do amazing on the teas. From what I understand, there's not one thing they look at more than the other, so as long as you do well on the teas, have your CNA and you have all your pre-reqs, you should be okay! Don't be discouraged. You can always keep applying and keep taking classes to get an associate's. But I have no doubt you'll get in! Good luck!

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