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I have been working in the PACU for a little over 2 years. I would like to take my certification test in the fall. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to study for the exam. I have the "Core Curriculum" book by ASPAN. Is there any other study guides or online study course that anyone knows of or would suggest?

Thanks in advance for all advice. :)


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I am looking into getting my certification as well. I have the book you mentioned (which is obviously HUGE and would be hard to read the whole thing :). Others who have taken it have suggested getting a book with practice questions in it. I bought one that goes right along with the Core Curriculum book that i have looked over and i think it will be helpful, also put out by ASPAN. Its called "Certification Review for PeriAnesthesia Nursing" by Barbara Putrycus & Jacqueline Ross


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I bought that book (although, in its amazon kindle form, something I now regret) and I found it irritating that it doesn't differentiate between CPAN and CAPA questions. I have only ever worked PACU Phase I. Does anybody know of a book that has review questions specific and exclusive to CPAN?

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