COVID & Workers Comp

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I am a nurse who was exposed at work & has since become sick with COVID symptoms.

I was tested & before the results were even back the Dept. of Health Medical Officer contacted me to dicuss my symptoms & we went over my exposure to positve patients & coworkers. The DOH Medical Officer told me my results, at this point, were moot. That even if the result came back negative, with my positive exposure along with my symptoms, I would be considered & was diagnosed COVID-19 positive. The DOH MO stated if negative there may be reasons I.e. false negative result or I tested during the virus' incubation period etc.

I received official documentation from the DOH with the OFFICIAL diagnosis COVID-19 positive with the MD signature.

I have been sick going on 3 weeks so I started a workers comp.claim. I provided my employer & the worker's comp. case manager with that document as well as the test results. The test results were negative.

The worker's comp case manager denied my claim because I tested negative, even after I gave her all the information above & my description of all my symptoms. Now I have to appeal the decision. Is anyone else finding these kind of issues? How are others dealing with becoming positive & sick after being exposed at work??

Stay safe everyone ?

*Follow up*

I have now been diagnosed with COVID related pneumonia. I have been prescribed azithromycin & Prednisone as well as cough medication & I have a Qvar & Albuterol MDI's. Having to fight with worker's comp and feel crappy is not fun!

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