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Covid 19: Supplemental Oxygen & Nebulizing

by Dokker Dokker (New) New

I am a home healthcare provider for my 25 yr old son who is a Trached semi-quad. I am looking for information on how to safely provide Oxygen via a Concentrator. Also to safely use his Nebulizer if needed during the Covid-19 crisis. I have 2 HCA's who provide care too. None of us have have been tested, but 2 of us were sick for a short time. No one had a fever! I work in an essential industry (as in unloading the containers full of PPE equipment from China & all of my son's medical supplies) So none of us can self isolate. We are all using masks & CDC protocol when in the small apartment. I want to be prepared if my son should be infected. I certainly do not want him to go to a hospital.

I am afraid I would never see him again! Desperate Mom

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Welcome to allnurses, @Dokker. Please direct all questions about your son's medical care to his health care team. Per the Terms of Service, members cannot request or offer medical advice. Best wishes.

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