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COVID patient venous access


Specializes in Critical Care. Has 14 years experience.

Hey ALL. Hope everyone are safe and in good health. Seems like we are nearing the end of COVID19. However, I hear a lot of rumors of the possibility of a second wave of COVID19. I just would like to hear other people's feedback regarding venous access of patients with COVID19 in their facility. Many of the facilities in NYC, placed femoral access, then transitioned to something more suitable after. I am a vascular nurse and I was placing mainly PICCs and Midlines for all COVID19 patients. Many doctors didn't want to place IJs because they were too close to the patient's airway and so they fear of getting the virus. For this reason, our vascular access team (consisted only 2 people) were being utilized for majority of central line access for all of these patients. Since the pandemic began, we placed more than 150 PICCs. Many patients were on the vent for weeks, but eventually passed away, and put in our temporary morgue in our parking lot. Anyone reading my post and is also a vascular nurse, can you share your observation on COVID19 positive patients. I found that 90% in positive COVID19 patients have large basilic veins. Another, the medication, Hydroxychloroquine, made patients highly susceptible to blood clots.

The pandemic was a nightmare and a nursing experience that will continue to be a conversation topic in the healthcare community. During the peak of the virus, many non-ICU nurses were forced to function as ICU nurses in a couple of hours. For this reason, I observed a lot of medical/medication errors. Many healthcare workers fear of catching the virus that as soon as someone was suspected or confirmed of having COVID19, everyone ran away. And yes, I give A LOT of respect to TRUE frontline heroes, but I discredit many who were so fearful of the virus, abandoned patients and let them die in agony. May ALL the souls taken by COVID19 have eternal rest-in-peace.