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Covid patient bathrooms


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Hi all, quick question = ) On my unit all pts have private rooms but some have a "jack and Jill" bathroom in between 2 rooms, so 2 patients share the bathroom. Now that we have covid pts, all pts have to use commode/urinal, unless the neighboring room is unoccupied. Some pts who are alert and ambulatory are unhappy about this.

A non covid pt wanted to use the jack and Jill bathroom but the neighbor room was a covid pt. The covid pt doesn't use the bathroom, only commode. Also her symptoms started 9/9 and infection control says she is no longer contagious, but still on isolation. I let pt use the bathroom since covid pt not using it, but when I clarified with infection control they said don't let him because we are emptying the covid pt's urine in there (with both doors closed of course!). I totally get not sharing a bathroom between a covid and a non covid pt, but wondering what everyone thinks about a non covid pt using the bathroom connected to covid room if covid pt never enters it. They also don't want 2 non covid to even share the bathroom... ahh! Pts are not happy =( I wouldn't want to use a commode either. Any opinions? sorry for so much bathroom talk LOL