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COVID-19 MUST SEE VIDEOS on ICU procedure in China and Self Ventilation Device


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New Wuhan Doctor Speaks Out From Ground Zero (Covid-19 - Coronavirus
Mar 21, 2020

(Youtube channel Daniel Dumbrill)

This Doctor form Wuhan discusses how the ICU for Covid-19 in Wuhan is managed.
One thing not described here but the terms are mentioned "red zone" and "green zone" is that they divided the hospitals into these two zones. Medical staff and patients of the Red Zone (Covid-19) are completely separate and don't cross into the green zone. Doctors are assigned one of these zones exclusively. Many other finer details also discussed on masks, PPD, shift structure, staff meals, etc.
Please spread this video as widely and to as many higher ups as possible if you think there is anything of value here. They have learned a lot through trial and error probably

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World's cheapest ventilator | Diwakar Vaish | TEDxDYPatilUniversity


•Mar 20, 2018
TEDx Talks

n 2017, Diwakar Vaish, alongside All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi co-created the world's cheapest and smallest ventilator, the ventilator does not require an artificial oxygen supply and can process atmospheric air, the ventilator, currently in trials, will cost $250 US Dollars

Redefining the current complexity and high-priced medical devices, he has designed a portable ventilator that uses a cell phone interface, artificial intelligence and is as big as an adult human palm. In this talk, Prof. Vaish gestures how we can make technology and medical resources affordable and available to those who need it the most. Born in 1992, Diwakar Vaish is an Indian roboticist, Head of Robotics & Research at A- SET Training and Research Institute.


However as for India there is a materials problem with this device now


Parts shortage may pull the plug on ventilator-making

Flight ban hits supply of sensors, chips and micro controllers from China, critical for manufacturing Raghu Krishnan | ETtech | March 24, 2020, 07:22 IST

India’s efforts to shore up manufacturing of ventilators to deal with the rapid spread of Covid-19 infections may unravel in the absence of a local electronics components industry.

The ban on international flights has made worse the issue, with manufacturers struggling to lift sensors, chips and controllers from suppliers in China.

AgVa Healthcare, which makes ventilators at one-fifth the cost of imported ones, says the flight ban has hit supply of sensors, chips and micro controllers from China, critical to building ventilators in large numbers. The company is looking to scale up production to 20,000 units to meet the growing demand.

“The electronic components are ready at Shenzhen. They are unable to ship it to us because of the flight ban,” said Prof Diwakar Vaish, cofounder of AgVa. “If we don’t get it, our production will be hit.”

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Prof. Diwakar Vaish
Co-Founder at AgVa Healthcare

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Dare I hope for such an organized response in the US? Sigh.