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COVID in Dialysis Center


So I am pretty worried. What are your experiences InCenter??? I have sent 3 patients to the Hospital with respiratory distress in the past 2 days. We have an "area" in the back for isolation. That's about it. We have 25 chair/ bout 18 patients' a shift. Two CoWorkers out sick. All we have are regular masks/face shields. Now putting masks on patients in treatment. Checking staff and patients at the door for Temps. Scary. Anyone with Positive patients?? How are you dealing with it. I have nightmares about all of them being positive. We have one patient Positive in the Hospital. Will have to see what happens when he gets out. ( IF )nervous

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My (former) unit was designated as the “iso” unit for the area/region - taking all positives and pui’s, even from competitors. We added a 3rd shift for pui’s and positives - pui's one day and positives the next - still running “healthy” patients on 1st and 2nd shift x six days. So far, one confirmed positive amongst the “healthy” patients, many suspects - but testing in the area is almost impossible to get. Doc’s have just told us to treat everyone as if they were positive - great advice, but actually doing that would require breaking the n-95’s out of the back & treating 1/2 as many patients (6 foot separation).

We too were masking patients, refusing to run those who wouldn’t wear a mask - I quit when the rules were changed to require us to run patients who refused to wear a mask. We had a couple who had been run back and sent home for taking their masks off during treatment multiple times. These weren’t patients experiencing medical issues due to wearing masks, just noncompliant & grumpy. I couldn’t reconcile allowing one grumpy patient to potentially expose 17 other immune-compromised patients (and staff).

Requiring masks on patients does exceed CDC guidelines, but if they’re available- considering the very real risk of death to those exposed, asking a patient to be a little uncomfortable for a few hours seems like a reasonable compromise..

Management didn’t agree, so I left.. the other nurse is out on quarantine awaiting results.. Not sure who’s caring for my patients now - bummed, but no regrets - I’ll own my decision to get out if management will own theirs to endanger healthy patients and staff by caving in and waffling over safety issues.

My clinic is currently treating covid + patients. As the need rises, I believe more clinics will get the call from the higher up's to open shifts once there is spill over. It is scary, of course, but I'm grateful I'm working for a company that is giving me the ppe as needed.

New CDC guidelines



As part of aggressive source control measures, healthcare facilities should consider implementing policies requiring everyone entering the facility to wear a cloth face covering (if tolerated) while in the building, regardless of symptoms. This approach is consistent with a recommendation to the general public advising them to wear a cloth face covering whenever they must leave their home.

My former employer removed the requirement for patients to mask up and made it a recommendation a couple days before the new guidelines were posted.

Seems like common sense



Cuomo’s mask command came hours after Mayor de Blasio urged supermarkets and grocery stores in the city to turn away customers who refuse to wear face masks.

“This will help everyone to remember, when they’re in that kind of space, it’s so important to protect each other,” de Blasio said at a briefing from City Hall. “Any customer who says 'No, I refuse," should not be allowed in…the city of New York will back you up.”

So, you can be ejected from a grocery store in New York for refusing to mask up, but can’t be ejected from the treatment floor of a dialysis clinic for refusing to wear a mask..