Cover Letter Tips/Recs


Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer any critique or recs on my cover letter? I've been editing it so much and I'm not sure if it's too long if I'm including unncessary information. I know not everyone reads cover letters, but I figured it couldn't hurt to add it with my resume anyway. I'll paste it down below. Thank you in advance ?


Dear Hiring Manager,

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my resume to apply for the ___ Healthcare Summer 2021 RN New Grad Residency Program. I graduated in December of 2020 from ____ BSN program and I anticipate taking and passing the NCLEX this month (February). I have long been impressed and familiar with ___ Healthcare’s outstanding reputation, and I was excited to see that my personal traits align with ___’s values of serving with respect and integrity.

I choose the nursing profession because of a simple and innate desire to directly heal and impact others. As a personable communicator, my focus on building strong people skills has been a valuable asset to me throughout my professional journey. As a patient care technician on a Med-Surg/Mother-Baby Unit, I often received positive feedback from my patients on my compassionate bedside manner. During my clinical rotations and senior preceptorship, I honed my abilities in adapting to various patient populations and building strong rapport. My OB clinical rotation sparked a special desire and passion for working in women's health, however I prioritize advocating for every patient, no matter the demographic.

I consider myself a “sponge,” ready to soak up even more knowledge, and to put all that I have learned into practice. I believe that my solid work experience and compassionate nature will make me a strong addition to your team, and I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to interview and further discuss the contributions that I can offer. I can be contacted via cellphone or email, both listed above and in my resume.




Specializes in ER Secretary - EKG Tech - BSN Student. Has 5 years experience.

Hey friend! 

Recruiters at top hospitals often say that they cover letter should, "Tell the story of your resume" to elaborate a bit more on your experience as well as express your specific interest in their organization and the specialty you are applying for. I think your cover letter does both clearly and concisely!

Congrats on your BSN, and I wish ya the absolute best of luck w/ your job hunt! ☺️ 

Let us know how it goes!