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of course is free training, but...Med tech


I have signed up for a free Med-Tech course at work. It seems the ALF's are allowed to use cna's for this work because we do not "administer" meds, just give them their meds and they take them by themselves.

It pays 1.00 more per hr and of course is free training, but... what am I getting myself into that I cannot see ahead of time? (Besides STRESS and responsibility? - I see these)?

Pros and cons?


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Stress and responsibility are probably the main things. I do this once a week at an assisted living facilty, and the one I work at does not allow med techs to handle narcs or PRN's, which I greatly prefer. I wouldn't want to work as a med tech at a place where I was expected to pass either of those categories, or when there wasn't a licensed nurse on shift 24/7. But other than that, I think it's a great job and as long as you're willing to educate yourself about the medications you're giving and the reasons for it, it's also an excellent learning opportunity if you're in nursing school, or prereqs. I find that a lot of the meds we cover in my courses are ones I'm familiar with, which helps me out in school :)

Thanks, LaterAlligator. I had not thought of that angle. I have the Medical Terminology book and will use this as a springboard for studying the meds.