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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had the same problem as me and did you manage to resolve it??

I'm currently trying to emigrate to Canada and currently in the process of getting my credentials checked by the NNAS. They've received a copy of my transcript but they now require a copy of the course syllabus to discover the content of each module taught by the University. This is where the problem begins.....!!

I studied the P2000 - Adult branch at the University of Glamorgan (now South Wales) UK, between 1994 and 1997. I've contacted the Registration and faculty department and they have no electronic or paper record of the course that was taught. Hard to believe isn't it??

I've also contacted the NMC to see if they have an outline of the course that was taught but....nothing.

It's a long shot but does anyone on here have a copy of the course syllabus or any idea on how I could get more information on the course to send to the NNAS.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Hi and welcome to the site.

Moved to the Nurse Registration forum. I expect this is something that cannot be resolved and you may just have to put in writing that information isn't available anymore.

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