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Hello, I'm an RN, just graduated last year. I was dead set against going back to school for my BSN because as you all know school took a lot of time away from my family. So I was happy just with my 2 year degree. Well recently I've been thinking of going back...yes I think I'm crazy, lol. The nearby school I'm looking into has an accelerated BS/MS program. I don't want to just get my BSN, I THINK I want to be a NP. If I'm reading this on the school site right, the accelerated program is for RNs, correct? Do you have to have a BSN first? The site is somewhat confusing. I've requested information from them but haven't heard anything yet.

For those who started and worked as an RN, what differences have you noticed as far as responsibility? I've read that NPs do a lot more then an RN.

What kind of setting do you work in? I really have no idea what specialty is for me.

I know the program must be challenging but how much more then the RN program? I did fairly well in school, As and Bs and busted my butt. I read constantly, most times I read chapters twice, took numerous practice tests online and used my NCLEX book everyday.

Thanks all!

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