Could use some encouraging words.. retaking prereqs for gpa


I'm almost finished with my prereqs. When I was taking anat and phys I was going through an extremely rough time, my mother had spinal fusion aswell as two hip replacements and I was responsible for her care. I also went through a very bad breakup and I just was a total mess at the time(I passed both with a C though.) I have yet to take micro.

Anyway, I'm facing the reality I need to retake those classes in order to have a admissable gpa. The problem is, the program I was looking for told me they don't accept retaking the classes and would only take the first passing score. I only talked to a counselor who answered generic questions, however, and have an appointment to see my nursing counselor in two weeks. This program is currently running on a points and random drawing basis.

Now, if I took micro and got an A(i maybe could do this, but i'm very anxious about it :( ) i would have a low, but admissable, gpa. it would be in the 2.5-2.7 range then(just the science courses, the rest would probably be a 3.4). I have my heart set on this program, but I just don't know if they will accept me?

I wonder if, since it's been close to 3 years, if I could retake the classes because it's been so long since I took them? Has anyone ever heard of that?

I'm desperate for some positive words. :(


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I would start looking at other programs in case you can't get into this one. Some programs do count repeated courses against you. Mine does. See what the nursing counselor says, but if they do count repeated courses against applicants, then I would focus on getting into other programs that allow repeats.

Good luck!