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Could i be a nurse?

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This Fall I'll be going to be majoring in Social Work. i wouldn't mind becoming a medical social worker. because i could be in a medical setting, and i think that career would be very fulfilling and interesting.

However, recently i have been very interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. More specifically as a nurse in pediatrics. I have always loved and respected nurses, doctors..etc. And i think i would be a great nurse. i have a lot of patience, i'm kind, friendly, caring, I love children and I am very hard worker... plus i don't get queasy dealing with blood lol... I think these Qualities would be great for nursing.

The problem.....i'm not the brightest in math or science... Don't get me wrong, i like science..but it takes a lot of time and studying for me to do well in these areas, and through out high school i have always struggled in mathematics. My parents have told me i'm not cut out to be a nurse because of my weakness in these areas, so i never really thought I could become a nurse until now. I like the idea of becoming a social worker, but i can't help but think i may regret not seeing what kind of nurse i would be... I know i could change my major, and my school has a fabulous nursing problem..but i think it may be too late.

So what do you all think... Could i possibly pursue a nursing career? And Could having a weakness in math and science affect my chances of becoming one?

i hope that made sense lol

and thank you to whoever respond!

You don't have to be good in science or math, but you have to be able to get decent grades in these areas. I was good at math but I did have a few problems with science. The thing about it is that nursing pre-req science is a lot different from just regular science. I sucked at Bio and did okay with chemistry, but did great in anatomy, physiology and micro because it interested me. Learning about how the body works, how disease effects the body is much more interesting then biology and chemistry if you ask me.

Everyone hates math it seems so you're in the majority on that one. Depending on whether you do a ADN or BSN, will decide which math class you have to take. You won't like them, no one does. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that really liked statistics.

You don't have to love them and you don't have to be good in them, you just have to study in a way to understand the material and honestly I think everyone can do that with some practice. You might have more difficulty than some people, there are a lot of people going into my nursing program who are awful in Math, so they just study more to try and get it or they don't get A's in the class but they do fine enough. For the sciences courses you'll need for nursing, they have EVERYTHING to help you, for dummies books, flashcards, coloring books, to explain it more easily than some of those textbooks.

Don't sell yourself short, if you want it, go for it!

Thank you, that was beyond helpful :)

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Don't listen to your parents but do start with a very basic cell biology class if you don't feel confident in the sciences. If your college has a very basic chem class, that would be of help also. I stunk in science classes in high school but I was exposed to chemistry so that helped a lot. It's been nearly 30 years since I was in high school and I've found that now that I can really focus on my school, I can get A's in those science classes. As far as math goes, most colleges have placement tests and you'll just start where you need to be. If you have taken algebra but feel a little rusty, go through one of those Dummies or Idiots guides. Don't get caught up in a lot of distractions and drama.

my parents have told me i'm not cut out to be a nurse because of my weakness in these areas, so i never really thought i could become a nurse until now. i like the idea of becoming a social worker, but i can't help but think i may regret not seeing what kind of nurse i would be...

oh my, this hits home for me.

when i was 17, my mom told me nursing was too hard, and that i'd have to take chemistry and that would be just so hard. well, i listened to her and didn't go to school. now it is 25 years later and i am finally following my heart and pursuing nursing! yes, it requires a lot of studying~ , but there's a prize at the end! :nurse:

i have said this a million times,

follow your heart and have no regrets. only you know what is good for you.

good luck in your decision.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to be a nurse unless you are a rocket scientist nurse, lol. Just kidding. Just work on the areas you are weak in.

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Most nurses make a lot more money than Social Workers. With the extra money you earn as a nurse, you'll be able to afford to pay back the loans you took out to pay for the math and science and tutors you needed to get through school.

Give some of those math and science courses a try. Get whatever help you need to master them. If nursing is what you really want, don't let those doubts get in your way.


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