Could it be that an ICU job is easier to get just after graduation?

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Is your wife mentioning during the interview that her goal is to go into CRNA school in 2008? If so, that may be a turn off to them, because they may see it as her not being a possible "permanent" canidate and that's what many ICU's are looking for. It is discriminating if they are not hiring her because she wants to go to CRNA school, but realistically, they are looking at that without saying so. There's nothing wrong with her having goals for advancement, but the ICU is also looking out for themselves too and they prefer nurses who are planning to stay for the long haul. They may see your wife's desire to go to the ICU as a means to an end and not to any benifit to the unit. I hope I have not offended you or anyone; but I'm just telling you this from what I've seen at my own hospital. Also, at my hospital, we have NO problems hiring medsurg nurses or new grads. They all do well depending on many factors (for example, their willingness to study at home, to take the initiative to learn and use the knowledge they've been given, their relationship with thier preceptors, whether or not they're self starters, etc...) I have no doubt that your wife will reach her goals.


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I'll be living in Florida, just as soon as my immigration is approved and I have my green card. I have a job offer at Florida Hospital. ICU interests me but I have no prior experience. Fl Hosp has an internship program for ICU but not sure if they'd consider me for one as a foreign nurse, and new to the hospital. Maybe I should just ask?

I agree. All they can say is no. Plus, there are a good number of teaching hospitals in florida. Jacksonville has Mayo, Orlando has Orlando Medical Center, Miami, Tampa. You have your pick. Plus don't just limit yourself to florida. Houston, Texas has the largest medical complex in the world. Too many hospitals, too many jobs. Check it out


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jmo i am currently in nursing school and doing a internship in the icu of a hospital that i work in. i thought that once i had my rn i was going to work in the icu, but now i am unsure. i bring my books with me everynight and am googling everything. it is a lot of information to know and put together and i am greatful for the fact that i am seeing all of this now BEFORE i jumped in to the deep end.

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