Could you explain ¡°acute care hospital¡±?

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There is not ¡°acute care hospital¡± in china at present. And a friend asks me to translate it into Chinese. But I don¡-t know what it means. Could you explain ¡°acute care hospital¡±


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Acute care is where we do surgeries, cardiac caths, care for trauma patients, Obstetric patients, New born care, emergency care. ALthough some of our patients have chronic health problems we try to get them over an acute phase of a new or chronic illness. SubAcute is a nursing home type setting, more long term less procedures etc.

Hope that helps. The pictures you posted were beautiful!:) :wink2: :balloons:


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Thank you very much!

And ¡°care¡± is equal to ¡°nurse¡±, ¡°acute care¡± means ¡°nurses give nursing to patients who is in emergency¡±, ¡°acute care hospital¡± means ¡°a hospital which treat and nurse for patients on an acute phase, if the patient is better, he will be transferred into another hospital¡±. Isn¡-t it ?

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