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ok, this is very simplistic but i need advice (as usual)...

but i have been coughing a lot so decided to take some mentholated (I think that is the word) cough drops and now my breathing feels kind of funny, like it's a little harder, am I just being hysterical (probably), is there a reason this might be?

i know i am always asking for advice here, but i appreciate anything you can give me please. :confused:

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i'm really getting kind of scared, anyone any ideas, am i just panicking or what? my hands tingle and my head is felling lighter.

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never mind think i just got scared and hypreventilated- my nose is stopped up so with my mouth shut around the cough drop i could not breathe deep and then thought i could not breathe at all because it felt like no matter how deep i tried to inhale the air just wouldn't go in. but my roommate looked over and told me i was breathing really fast and to concentrate on breathin slower i feel a little better now so even though no one replied its ok now, sorry to bug you all

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I don't know how much I can help, but...

I have asthma and have noticed funny reactions when I take cough drops sometimes. Sometimes it makes my coughing and asthma worse.

You probably did hyperventilate...reactions like that can be scary.

I would suggest to you that you turn the shower on, nice and hot and sit in a steamy bathroom for a while. It helps me, at least. Sorry you are not feeling well. I have had the same stuff (flu?) for almost two weeks now. I hope you feel better soon!

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thanks very much lisa! :kiss You are right that was scary but I am feeling better now, still coughing but able to breathe better! glad my roommate was here to catch it. thanks again lisa!:)

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