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What does is the graduation on and do you have any hotel recommendations?

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they will mail you a graduation packet approximately 2 weeks before graduation week along with a list of hotels that they recommend. gradation parade will be on that last friday with other activities on that thursday. as for hotels, everyone that i've talked to says to stay in a hotel off of exits 6 or 9. my parents will be staying at the la quinta on carmichael road and it's approximately $160 for 3 nights. a group of us stayed at the hampton inn downtown and that was super nice but idk about prices considering i didn't pay for it.

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My family stayed in Pratville. Not too far away, lots of restaurants nearby, and not in shady neighborhoods like some of those areas in Montgomery.

Or if your husband call early enough, you might be able to stay on base. :)

And I guess it'll depend if you have a car too.

I've stayed at the la quinta on carmichael road before (there are two of the same hotels about 100 feet from each other, just go to the right one haha), its a pretty decent place, very nice and clean, and cheap!

Pratville is pretty nice, I really loved jim and nicks bbq :)

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