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Costs within programs

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Just wanted to get other student's opinions. My university is highly unorganized and dysfunctional. They waited unitil the night before hospital orientations at 9pm to notify us of which orientation we neede to attend. This is an ongoing issue. On top of this they charge us our ATI $400 each semester after classes start. This leaves us waiting 3 weeks to receive our books that already have assigned readings. Today they notified us that in our last semester we would have to pay $70 for a documenting program for 2 SIMs that the rest of the students beneath us will be paying and using for the whole program. We also are required to drive 2 hours for clinicals on our own dime and pay for hotels because it is so far away. Just curious if other programs are this way or if this is unethical and worth addressng. The financial inconsiderateness is out of hand.

Any chance this is one of those For-Profit schools?