Cost of UMASS Boston ABSN Program


Hi, I was wondering if anyone who has recently attended the UMASS Boston ABSN program information session knows how much the program costs for out-of-state students? I tried looking in previous threads but I haven't found a cost for the most recent years. I have also emailed undergraduate admissions but they haven't emailed me back yet :/

Any help is appreciated!

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It took me about 2 minutes to find the tuition for out of state. Just log onto their website. It is over double what in state is. It gives the cost per credit hour. Then just add them up.


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So it took a while, but I found out through the Bursar's Office that for out-of-state students, the estimated tuition amount for the ABSN program at UMB is $45k without some of the extraneous fees (i.e., lab fees). Just wanted to post it here in case someone comes across this thread.