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I'm interested in the University of Cinicinnati's CRNA program but I cannot find any info R/T cost. I'd like to apply to multiple programs in Ohio but it is important to me that I know all the facts so I can plan financially accordingly. Also any info on financial aid amounts/scholarships/assistantships/etc...what was your fin. aid package like? Thanks for the help guys ;)


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UC's website is sometimes hard to navigate. If you go to the "OneStop" page or navigate there through prospective student, you can find the info you are looking for. Make sure you look at graduate costs.

As far as financial aid goes, they set a budget for the year that includes tuition and supplies as well as a sum for living expenses. It seems as though you then are eligible for a combination of loans to meet that budget. They do have a Graduate Scholarship available that is based on your GRE score. It has ranged from 60-85% of your tuition. They are pretty strict on the budget, though. I have not met anyone who has successfully increased it.

Their program is good.

Good luck in your endeavors!


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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your help!

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