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Hi there,

I am new to the board and wow...what a great resource this forum is. Here is my situation.

I am a soon to be a 40 (next week!) year old mom of 5 sons. I stated taking prerequisites for the nursing program 10 years ago, but then life got in the way. I am contemplating returning now that my little ones are all old enough to go to school. My dh is very supportive of me returning to school.

The only LPN program that my city offers is a 12 month program that costs 10K before books. The only ADN program is at the same school and costs 23K before books. This is one of the more expensive colleges in our area.

I really wanted to go the LPN route at first and then continue on in a bridge program later.

I could do a BSN program (4 years) at a less expensive school for about 18K. But I really didn't want to do the 4 year thing right off the bat.

I was really disappointed when I found out the cost of the LPN program. I know that I can get loans/grants, etc.....but can I get them anywhere near 10K for 1 year? I really cannot afford right now to put a whole lot in towards the schooling. I guess I was naive...I really thought the year program would be around 5-6K.

Since you are all students, I know that you all have been in this situation. Is this LPN program cost in line with your LPN programs? Can anyone offer me any advice/insight?

Thanks so much and I really look forward to meeting all on this board.




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Hi Wendy, and welcome to the boards!

Wow! Your school's ADN program really is expensive! Here on the West coast of Florida, the entire program costs about 3500, INCLUDING books and lab fees. Of course, that doen't include the cost of the prereq's, but you already have most of those, correct?

I would check with the financial aid officer at your school, and see if there are any shcolarship programs that you may qualify for. Also, student loans would most definately help. With Stafford loans (both subsidized and unsubsidized) you can get a max of $7500 for two semesters if you have at least sophomore status. (enough credits)

Also, speak with your school's guidance counselor and make sure that all of the classes you already took are transferable. I have heard that ten years is around the maximum amount of time that they will allow. (I'm not positive about this, though.)

Good luck to you!!


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WOW!, and I thought I was getting screwed.

I figured the cost of tuition while figuring in for my pre and core requisites + the clinical portion of my LPN program at around $8000. It's also a one year program after pre and core recs. It's a bridge to RN, and classes are transferable to a four year college.

This does not include books however. Those came in this semester at $382.00 for two classes:eek: at eight credits.

Next semester will involve twelve credits, so I'm cringing at the thought of those books.:(

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