Cost of Programs - ACC, UT (SA & Galveston)


Hey Y'all- I moved to Austin from Boston about 3 years ago after declining a competitive ABSN program up north due to cost. Prob one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. As a surgical tech I was interested in ACCs mobility program as I could be done quicker then community colleges up north (all 2 yr). But a few of my prereqs expired (API, APII, Micro) and I also needed pharmacology and so I held off for a min to get settled in this very new place. Now, I have started with the prereqs at ACC and have started looking at programs. Cost is still a major issue for me as I don't have family support, no savings, and prior debt from my undergrad. I'm determined to make this happen as it's all I think about. I worry about all the time ACC would take and would consider BSN if it wasn't significantly more expensive.

I'm seeking feedback from those who are in, or have completed some programs, and can give me an idea of what the cost has been. I'm also open to other programs around TX if they are cheaper.

Here are the main programs I have looked at:

ACC mobility- $8,516

UT Health San Antonio - $55,205

(is this accurate for Accelerated?! Not sure I am understanding this sheet:

UTMB Galveston -

$19,697 is what they estimate for in-state, but n

ot sure this is accurate based on the other info on the site (

Thanks for any/all feedback.

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I just graduated on May 10th from the Traditional ADN program at ACC and it is an EXCELLENT program! It is very well respected around Austin and you CAN get a job with an ADN. However, the hospitals around here are going to eventually require you to have your BSN but you can do a RN-BSN program completely online while you are working. I plan on starting back to school January 2018 after all of my orientation is done and I get settled into my job. ACC total cost was about $9000 and then Im looking at UT Arlington for my RN-BSN which is about another $9000. But my employer does offer tuition reimbursement after you have been there for a certain period of time.


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Hi Amber- Thank you for your response! I have def heard a lot of great things about ACC and that price is really hard to beat. I think I will still go for ACC and UT San Antonio. I have to retake some courses for ACC but can apply sooner for UT so I can weigh out the options. Seems like the cost would be about the same (20k) if I do RN-BSN in addition to ACC program.