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Corrections Nursing

I'm considering taking a job with a county jail as an LPN but I'm concerned that when I apply for something else in 2-3 years it won't be considered a wise career move. I'm also a new grad LPN and the job states 0-1 years experience. I'm also curious as to how orientation will work and if I'll actually be able to utilize what I've learned and gain from this experience.

I kinda think a job is a job if it works for you hourswise etc. But thats just me.

i have to agree with the last poster...a job is a job.......I took a state job before taking my boards......they paid the most and have wonderful benefits......i utilize most of my nursing like trach care,g[tubes,neb tx,caths,meds.....but we also do it all...ADLs...no aids to help....all LPNs...which is kind of cool......its hard work...but it is a job.....

Correctional nursing is one of the easiest nursing jobs you would ever have. I have been working in corrections for 18 months. Its ok. I used to love it at first but I found out how bad it looks when you try to go get another job. It took me a year to get a second job. During interviews, potential employers were really interested in hiring me and then when they seen that I worked in corrections they would turn their nose up and tell that I didnt have any experience or they just did not care to hire a "jail nurse". It got really frustrating to where I was practically pleading for someone to give me a chance. Well finally a nursing home gave me a chance and Im catching a hard time because at the jail You loose all of your skills. I went to the jail straight out of nursing school so its been really hard for me to catch on to LTC. My advice is if you need a job right now go on ahead and take but if you can wait awhile try to go somewhere else because its gonna be real hard to get a job in anything else but corrections after.

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I don't know about where you are but here as a LPN you are largely looking at LTC or psych if you decide corrections nursing isn't for you. Psych is very similar so no problems there and LTC isn't the most picky hiring arena even if it does take you a while to catch on. Good luck.


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