yearly testing for HIV/hepatitis for corrections nurses?

  1. I work as a nurse in a hospital prison unit and I am hoping some of you all can help clear something up. One of the nurses I work with said that nurses who work in prisons are tested for HIV and hepatitis yearly. I am not sure if this is mandatory or just recommended or if it even occurs.
    In your facility does anything like this happen? I know inmates have higher rates of hepatitis and HIV but it seems like something like this might violate some privacy laws.
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  3. by   **nurse**
    Have worked 7 years for 4 vendors and never heard of anything like that. Biannual TB tests, yes. The freestanding dialysis clinic I work for tests for HBV and HCV, and tests titers for HBab biannually. I don't know anyone other than the sex industry that tests for HIV as a job requirement.
  4. by   Jarnaes
    Annual HIV test in the military.
  5. by   sirI
    Never was tested for HIV/hepatitis as correctional NP.
  6. by   VegRN
    Thanks for the responses!

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