Test during interview?

  1. I have an interview w/ a prison camp in about a week and a half..........am very very interested in getting this position, best offer I have had since moving here and sounds like my kind of work............have some psych experience as well as medical.......the interviewer said something about taking a test????? Medical? Civil Service? Can anyone give me an idea............is a state prison camp in Michigan.............thanks!
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  3. by   sjoe
    I think it's the one where they wire various parts of your body up to a battery to see how much pain you can tolerate.

    Don't sweat it. Some places call the interview itself a test or exam which counts 100% toward your screening, in order to satisfy various civil service requirements. Others call the inventory they want you to fill out, stating your level of competency in numerous nursing tasks a "test."

    The point is, if they want you to work for them, they'll hire you. If they don't, try another level of corrections, like city/county or federal.
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  4. by   karbyr
    Oh good, the numbness in my lower legs and back from all the years of lifting 300 lb patients should make me excel at that one............thanks for the input sjoe
  5. by   sjoe
    Let us know what happens at the interview, and good luck.

    Your having a good sense of humor is an excellent asset for jobs like this, as you know.

    In the system here, inmates who are "at camp" have earned it by (relatively) good behavior, so they are much less likely to assault others than those in ad seg, for example, and theoretically are learning how to get along better with other people. That's a good start, anyway.
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