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I will be a new grad as of december this year with my BSN. I have close to 6 years as a correctional officer in the nevada state prison system. I do live in reno. I have had some trouble trying to... Read More

  1. by   Michael2165

    How do you specifically apply to work as an RN in the California Corrections system? Are there any special qualifications required for a new RN grad? How long does the applicatin/hire process take?:spin:

    Thanks for any help in this.
  2. by   ssalicia
    It is 2008............... I was wondering what other california prisons offer 12 hr shifts??
  3. by   winsomehill
    2009....I just thought I'd pipe in for those just poking around and considering correctional nursing. I work at a prison in Vermont. I went in as a new grad LPN, they pay $23/hour base $1.50 differential for evenings $2.25 for nights. I work 8 hour shifts. I really enjoy it. I do wish I had gotten a job at a hospital for 6 months or something before I moved into corrections. Getting the experience for assessment has been difficult for me. But, I like working with a disadvantaged population. There are lots of mental health issues, substance abuse issues. Many of these guys have not gotten health care until they entered the prison system. They need the nurses to advocate for them, as the system can let people fall through the cracks. Keeping boundaries is a key component to working in this environment, and looking out for and supporting your co-workers will serve you as you will need it from them. Good luck to all in the search for your nursing nitch.
  4. by   smilelee
    hi guys, I'm just want to know how is it safe to work in california mens colony. I'm trying to research but I haven't get the answer yet. Is it a good place to work as a collection nurse?
    thanks so much

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