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  1. :spin::spin:hi everybody,

    my name is john and i have been an RN for 17 years. i am primarily mental health?psychiatric RN having worked in pretty tuff and crazy county psych emergency room for 10 years and various inpatient psych units in and around the Bay Area...
    i have heard California prisons are in 'recievorship' right now and the pay and benefits are greatly improved. i currently work in a CNA union shop hospital where my hospital and many others will likely strike next week...
    it is getting old giving each and every day heroic efforts only to see managed care companies dog the hell out of nurses, especially the older nurse who have been doing this for 30 years plus.
    i turned 40 this past year and am aware the back-end of a job's compensation is now valuable to me like upfront pay. i think much of what i have been doing already kinda resembles corrections, i.e. locked units, high potential for violence, people needing adequate medical care who cannot advocate for themselves way, stigmatized patient population, etc.
    so, i live in the northbay area and have thought about San Quentin, Vacaville CMF, Solano prison and Napa state hospital.
    i dont know where to start, does anyone know the hourly equivalent rate for someone with my years of experience? also, what kind of vacation benes do they provide and what is a typical work schedule? i work PMs already and would like to stay this way...
    i would appreciate any advice or help. i am a single father of 2 daughters and am aware we really got think and plan right to last in this profession.
    sincerely, John
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  3. by   Monica RN,BSN
    First I want to welcome u to the boards.
    secondly, read all you can and you will learn so much here. I live in Florida, so I do not know much of California prisons/jails.. but I do know that jobs are much more harder for nurses in corrections in Cali due to the competativeness (sp) for nurses looking and wanting to work in california corrections.

    John, If corrections is your goal, you should have no prob in getting something you will enjoy doing. Your Psych and ER background is essential for this type of job.
    Good luck and best wishes to you.
  4. by   dreadstock

    thanks for reply. any California corrections Rns out there with feedback on pay, benes, process for hiring, etc?

    thanks again