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Could anyone please tell me if they know of anyone that works as a psych RN at a correctional facility, what their job description is and what their salary is for that position? I am interested in... Read More

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    Do you work in Chilli? I never heard of any sexual misconduct in either prison but of course I just started too. I love my job and I love the people that I work with. I am very impressed with the way that they do things in this prison and the way that they are actually trying to make a difference in the women's lives. It's a very clean prison and the inmates are so well behaved (most of the time ha ha). I am really glad that I have been given this opportunity to work in this prison setting.
    Female inmates are usually a walk in the park. I have not been involved with corrections in Missouri for years. Missouri wasn't really my best work and I never mention it at conferences or write about it etc. Have they refurnished the buildings? I seem to recall rats and broken windows at Chillicothe. Most of the sexual misconduct was in the county jail system, the victims migrated via the system to Vandalia and Chillicothe as you would expect and we picked up a few more complaints along the way.

    I eventually and quite unnecessarily upset one or two politicians who might otherwise have stayed friendly. I did not want to be working on issues in Missouri and I tried to rush it. I already had enough on my plate. I did get complaints from inmates at Chillicothe but much of that was outside my remit. I attempted to refer it to somebody important but he was always on a fishing trip. I remember that because I thought it was really funny. In retrospect I should have went fishing with him.