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I got an interview offer for a prison RN job. My family is so angry with me thinking of taking that job. I thought I'd be with a guard all the time (depends on the prison, I know) and I really... Read More

  1. by   katkonk
    Most people on this post are talking about a friend or friend of a friend. I have worked in Maximum security prisons. The C/O's (do NOT call them guards) will either bring the patients or they will show up with their little piece of paper that is their sick call notice and wait in a waiting area to be seen. Where I worked, they are patted down before they enter the clinic itself, and they are seen either in a cubicle (during clinic) or in the treatment room for things like lacerations or bigger stuff that needs a procedure. Sometimes the C/O is in there, sometimes they are not, but they are within very easy reach outside the door. The inmates are usually very respectful, and you actually don't want the C/O in there when you are treating. Who likes someone breathing down their neck all the time? I never had a problem. All the bad boys are brought in in full leg irons and handcuffs and you WILL have the C/O in the room with you then, and maybe more than one. It depends on the situation. This whole topic has been written about in previous threads many, many, many times. Please research the previous postings! You should be just fine, regardless of your stature, etc. Now if the facility has a poor safety record and is not staffed well with C/O's, or is a private firm and not state or county or federal, then that may be a different story. Good luck! Most nurses who have worked in ER's will tell you that a prison is safer than almost ANY ER out in the "world" on any given day.