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  1. Hi Guys.
    My local Co. jail is managed by Prison Health Services.After reading the boards I found some negative opinions about PHS. I want to try this form of nursing without wasting my time or their time, if the opinions I read are true.Anyone have experience with this group and can offer advice?
    Many Thanks
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  3. by   Bosoxer
    I've worked with PHS in the past. They were a contracted vendor providing physician, physician assistant, specialty referral, and other services excluding nursing. PHS only lasted a few years at our jail, then were ousted in favor of another vendor when their contract was up. The actual employees of PHS weren't bad to work with really, but you have to remember that they are in it for the $$$. That's what that type of managed health care is all about; providing adequate/acceptable care with the least amount of expense possible. While our facility had good PHS personnel who were willing to work with us, I heard of other facilities in our state that had nothing but headaches working side by side with them. They don't provide nursing services in our area, but it seems like they have a fairly high turnover rate with their other employees, so I would personally question accepting employment with them. In the smaller scheme of things, it usually depends on your immediate boss whether you will like it or not. Our current contracted administrator is outstanding, but past ones have been less than desirable. Good luck.
  4. by   Crawsu
    PHS has several contracts in our area and we have the nurses to prove it. They all left the facility after PHS took over. Those facilities are now getting nurses from agencies to fill in. No personal experience with the company, but we now have four nurses that left due to their policies. Managed care, basically. The nurses that left say that they were made very aware of how much it cost to call the MD for help with patient problems. Not a good Rx for safe health care.
  5. by   mytinker
    I do not work for PHS but they are in my area and I know they have a large turnover in nursung staff. They currently have an ad in the local newspaper for "Certified Medicine Aids" thats not a good sign.
  6. by   TerriRene
    Do not even think about it!!! I have worked for PHS and would never do it again. They are definitely in it for the money and they make that abundantly clear to you!!! If you treasure your license you will run RUN RUN the other direction!!!
  7. by   PhePhe
    oops. This a wonderful company with great benes!
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  8. by   GARYLPN
    I currently work for PHS. They are in it for the bucks. Profit, profit. I asked to get something as simple as an updated drug guide, IV guide, and a current comprehensive manual on diseases and conditions. My boss told me to check back in a "few months", which roughly translates to forget it.

    I work PRN so I tell them when I'll work otherwise they work the full time nurses to death.

    I've seen nurses get shorted on their hours, or the DON promises to pay a nurse double time for a crisis fill in shift then doesn't pay up.

    To me, this outfit is bad news!

    They hire an "HSA" who is in charge of the entire medical unit. No doubt that person's job is to cut costs and in turn I'd bet money this HSA gets a big fat bonus at the end of a quarter if money is saved.

    If you're experienced or new at nursing my advice would be to stay away from this outfit!
  9. by   sjoe
    "I want to try this form of nursing without wasting my time "

    In that case, probably the most useful thing for you to do is to work for an agency/registry that has a contract with a nearby correctional facility. Here in California Preferred Staffing has a number of these contracts. I don't know what companies deal with corrections where you are, but call around and you'll find out.
  10. by   jjewels49
    Hi I worked for PHS they were not that bad.If Naphcare comes in head out
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  11. by   Sunshine22
    I have worked for PHS going on 9 years in February. I love it!!! Maybe it is somewhat different in my region, but I don't run into the problems that are posted above. Yes, we are a private corrections health service that is contracted out to different jails and prisons across the country. I think that we are in about 33ish states. Yes, the company does have to make money, after all, it is a business. Just as a hospital, or nursing home, or doctor's office... Yes, I do operate within a yearly budget, but , yes, my nurses do there jobs well. We do care for all types of patients (yes, we call them patients per the company) and for the most part, love the jobs that we do. As far as PHS only being in it for the money...yes, I do have to make a request for capital expenditures, but I can use my budget for things that we need like new drug info books, PDR's, medical, dental and office supplies at my discression, patient teaching stuff, etc... Yes, we do have policies and procedures for the way that things are done, doesn't every company. Some of our sites only have doctors and dentists that are PHS, and some of our sites have only nurses that are PHS, and some of our sites have full staffs that are PHS. This has alot to do with the county administrators or the state administrators and the way that they want the sites to be set up. We create a staff to satisfy what the county or state wants in their contracts. My staff consist of myself,(Health Service Administrator and LPN--9 years), a RN of 9 years that started the same day I did, 5 more LPN's (8 years here, 7 years here, 2 years here, and 2 new ones of less that one year), a medical doctor, a dentist, a mental health doctor, and a mental health counselor, and I am looking for an additional nurse to ADD to our staff now, not to replace some one. Yes, you have turnover anywhere you work, but I have a strong core of nurses that have stuck it out.

    I have read of several people whom have worked for PHS in the past and put down this company lower than dirt, and I am sure that this will happen again, because this company is not the golden ticket just like no other company in the world is. I have also read several good things about this company.

    I can only give my side of it. To work in South GA for the region of PHS that I work for, I dearly love my job...Yes, there are those days that I could throw my job to the dogs, but then, do we all have those days?? I just take a breath and start over, and over, and over...sometimes..haha!

    If you are unsure as to how you want to approach the job, start out PRN, and see if it is for you. Corrections nursing is definitely in a world of its own. I hope that you have good luck with it. I am here if you want to ask any questions about PHS...maybe I can help.
  12. by   BrendaLeeRN
    I am a recent nursing grad with my RN. Currently, I am working in a corporate-owned skilled nursing facility and am considering employment with PHS. I have a background that includes teaching in a correctional facility, as well as a brief internship with Probationa and Parole. From what I have read on this board, PHS sounds like the corporation I work for now. The bottom line is most important, therefore safe nursing staffing is ignored. That is why I'm seeking employment elsewhere. PHS does have a high turnover here also, as does the nursing facility where I work. Is there any great place to work out there in specialty nursing???
  13. by   correctconsultant
    I agree with the majority of the postings regarding PHS. The Corporate Office is not concerned about the clinical care of patients above the site level. I worked for them for 8 years and the minute you bring up an issue regarding clinical care it is looked at from the financial side as opposed to what is best for the staff and patients. They are not receptive to those individuals who like to point out their defiencies. Those individuals usually end up unemployed. They are public traded therefore they are only concerned about their stockholders and the value of their stock not the QUALITY OF CARE! I would look for a company with integrity and sound moral values.
  14. by   jjewels49
    hi I also work for corrections and I decided to apply to the prisons for a State job that is the best solution. Hope I helped you jjewels49