Nursing shortage...

  1. I read a thread not too long ago about nursing shortages in correctional facilities...

    Where you work, are you short staffed?

    Right now, we're down three nurses. One quit two months ago, one is retiring and the other left for a different correctional facility that suited her interests more. (I can't blame her really -- more money, flexible hours, no weekends, no holidays)

    At the state juvenile correction facility I work at, there is one registered nurse. The rest of the staff is to be made up of five licensed practical nurses. Things have gotten so bad that I know my supervisor has applied for another job, and if she goes, I'm leaving too.

    How do other places recruit? I know that the powers that be raised the starting wage, but that still is not enough to bring any applicants. I do believe that a successful nursing candidate has to have the "personality" to work in juvenile corrections.

    I've never worked in adult corrections, but am thinking of applying.

    I really dislike working short-handed all the time as I'm sure that you guys who are in the same position do as well.

    What's a nurse to do?
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