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Hi everyone. I've worked in a local county jail for about one year now and I'm wondering how others deal with this type of situation. We have a new inmate who insists on many medical problems such as... Read More

  1. by   nurseT
    Quote from Dixiecup
    We had a guy who insisted he couldn't walk. Test were all negative. He literally scooted around everywhere on his butt for months.

    Then one day he miraculously got up and started walking!
    Gasp, do they do that at your place too? Amazing how long they can keep that crap up. I think the child molesters may be the best at it. We have a weekender right now who claims something every weekend. We joke about what it will be this weekend. I think he should run out of serious illnesses to claim pretty soon. Lets see... so far it has been "a stroke, an allergic reaction " my tongue is swelling, I can't breath", a heart attack, broken back, I've fallen and I can't get up, I just got diagnosed with seizures, I feel one coming now. Mid week, on the outside he threatened to kill his self to get a 72 hr comittment, he thought he could get out of jail for the weekend,the mental unit kicked his butt out friday am. Sheesh!!!