Looking for warm weather corrections jobs.

  1. I've been in corrections over 5 years and really like it. I've practiced in AZ and WA states. I'm looking to move again and would like anyone's recommendations on warm sunny cities that have good correctional facilities where I could possibly work. I'm getting tired of Washington's gray rainy winters! Does anyone work in New Mexico?

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  3. by   nancykday
    How about TX
  4. by   mercedes_rn
    Thanks for replying. I've never been to Texas but my sister has and said it's pretty humid in the summer. I liked the dry heat in AZ.
  5. by   ex1140
    Inmates can be quite troublesome when it's hot out. Especially those in confinement. Are you sure you want to come to a place that's hot to work with inmates?
  6. by   mercedes_rn
    Yes, I'm sure I want to work in a warmer environment. I need the sun and warmth for myself!!! I've already worked county jails in Phoenix so I know how the inmates can be, but I want to try a different location so I can compare. Any suggestions?
  7. by   Summer69
    What about the Federal Correctional facility in Texarkana. I have heard good things about it.
  8. by   mercedes_rn
    Thanks for your reply. My last job was working for a Federal Detention center and it was the worst job I ever had!! I heard that all Bureau of Prison facilities are the same. Maybe not -- what have you heard about the facility in Texarkana?

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