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I have 2 years in correctional nursing as an LPN and would like to move to one of the following states: Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, or North Carolina If anyone out there working in... Read More

  1. by   GARYLPN
    Hi Probable Cause,

    I've worked for PHS for almost two years and still do. As I clearly stated in a previous post, PHS like most other contractual correctional care firms have budgets to meet with profit margins. Simple as that.

    Did I post a disgruntled comment about PHS? You bet I did. Did I hastily ban PHS in the hiring market? You bet I did. Should I have done that? Positively not! Should other people use my original disgruntled remark about PHS as a basis to work for PHS? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    Satisfaction with an employer is an individual thing. Some people may enjoy working for PHS while others may not.

    I've also heard some good and not so good stories about CMS a competitor of PHS. I know nurses who have worked for PHS for a long time and enjoy their relationship with PHS and some don't. The same goes for CMS.

    It all really amounts to personal preference and I have to agree with you that a disgruntled remark about a company serves in no way a basis to decide on employment with that company.

    I do however still contend that whether or not I work for PHS or even if they would re-hire me should I leave is a laughable matter in today's world of an ever increasing nursing shortage.


    P.S. I am curious about something...do you work in Correctional Nursing?
  2. by   Nurse Ratched
    Guys, I am closing this thread since it seems to have moved way off the original course.

    Please refrain from making personal attacks/jabs at other posters.