I am thinking of returning to corrections

  1. So, what has changed in the past 9 years? Do inmates give their own insulin or does the nurse give it? It sounds like meds are now pre-poured before you go to the pods? I am thinking of applying for a job at the jail. Thanks.
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  3. by   katkonk
    It depends on the facility's policy. I worked in Texas through an agency at 6 different units. Some wouldn't let an inmate touch a syringe, and others let them not only inject their own, but draw it up as well. Wide variances within a range of about 100 miles at various places.
  4. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks katkonk. Yes, different places do things differently. In the past, I had a facility where the nurse would draw up the insulin and then hand it to the inmate to give it himself. The other place had the nurses give all of the insulin shots to the inmate. I like the new policy of pre-pouring the meds and then taking them out to the pods. It sounds like that will save time.