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HAH! What's lunch? I grab what I can at the desk during lulls. All of a sudden, we are getting instructions from up on high that we must clock out for a 30 minute, uninterrupted meal break... Read More

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    The company is work for has sites in many states. State law in my state requires employers to give a lunch break. So we are told we should clock out for lunch. If we are interrupted or miss lunch for some reason we're supposed to submit a form saying why we didn't have a full half hour off once we punched out or didn't punch out at all. My manager gets emails from corporate reminding this is the policy, which are forwarded. We all try to get lunch and per my state law if you're off the clock for lunch you may leave the work site and have no obligation to be available. If we don't take lunch my manager has chosen not to counsel us even if we don't fill out the forms. I have intention to take lunch but often choose not to leave the unit and grab a bite while working. I try and clock out and take lunch at least 50% of the time and I do not work when clocked out. If I did work for an emergency I would fill out the form but often if I just work through and dont clock out I dont report with the form the way I should.There's room for improvement on my part that's for sure. We should all make taking care of ourselves a priority. Why don't we I wonder! If the lunch policy was strictly enforced you bet I would be completely unavailable once I clocked out. The nurse practice act can not require you to work without pay. As long as other nurses are on duty you are not abandoning. If you are the only nurse available and state law requires a lunch you would need to be paid the entire shift and the company should get a waiver if state law requires a lunch. I've always said if there is a policy that doesn't work and managment draws a hard line be sure snd follow it EXACTLY. That is the only way to prove the policy is wrong. If everyone just creates a work around the policy will never be changed and you'll always be wrong.
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