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It looks like I'll be working for Wexford very soon. Can anyone share any personal experiences? TIA... Read More

  1. by   egregious
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    Factorviia, Did you just get hired by Wexford too?
    I have an interview scheduled and I'm fairly confident.
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    Does Wexford Health hire new grad nurses? I have an interview next week.
    How was the interview? Have they not given you word one way or the other yet?
  3. by   miteacher
    Quote from factorviia
    How was the interview? Have they not given you word one way or the other yet?
    I was hired after the interview. The only bad thing is the whole process take a while...I interviewed in July and I have not started yet. You have to do a background check with the dept of corrections, they will interview you over the phone, you get fingerprinted, fill out paperwork for HR and send back to Pennsylvania, etc...So I think by the time the whole process is done, it will be 5 or 6 weeks. I think becaues the company is in PA and it takes them a while to communicate between here and PA...Then the dept of corrections has to do their own background check and call all of your references and everything (it was 10 pages long)

    So I should be starting soon. During the interview, they did most of the talking. There were two people doing interviews and before the interview they will tell you a little bit about the company and the job, etc...Not a bad interview at all, the people that were doing the interviews were very nice and happy to answer any questions I had. They just asked me a few questions about myself, the schedule, etc...
  4. by   egregious
    I'd like to chat more with you to compare notes. (I'll have enough posts to PM here in about an hour or so. :-)

    I, too am a new grad. When I first got the phone call from Wexford, they wanted to know what day "next week" I would be available for an interview. That was about six weeks ago. I finally have my interview coming up shortly. Due to a quirk of fate, I actually start another job (my first!) the day after my interview, so I suppose I'm okay with waiting a while to see what they have to say. Look me up shortly -- I'd love to chat more and compare notes re: the type of facility you interviewed for, your job search experiences, etc.
  5. by   ChuckeRN
    Sorry guys, but due to the transition, people have been quitting and getting fired so we are extremely short staffed and so I've been working 4 days every week = 100+hours every 2 weeks.

    As a private company vs a State DOC, employees are much easier to fire, but just as tedious to hire so have patience if you have an interview or have received a call from Wexford. And if you have not heard from them in a timely manner, CALL, CALL, and CALL again - really. They (HR) are swamped right now so call and be the sqeaky wheel.

    As for how I like Wexford, I'm not impressed with their level of communication and organization. They seem to be very haphazard and have even more layers of paperwork than the DOC.

    If you'd like to chat and ask more in depth questions, PM me with your e-mail and we can chat in private.

    In the end, I really enjoy workng at the prison and could not imagine working in a hospital where I have doctors running around 24/7 giving orders. Where I am, if I have a question, I will call you otherwise, the doctors just stay out of our way or are not even on the premises.

    And yes they do hire new grads. IMO - as I was hired as a NG, if you do have what it takes to work in a prison, you will do great, if you need a lot of hand holding, you should work in a hospital.
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    I was wondering what effect all of the recent negative press has had on my corrections nursing amigos....? It all sounds very stressful to say the least...