Correctional Nursing Interview-What was your experience?

  1. I am an LVN in California & I have an Interview for Correctional Nursing. I really don't know what to expect as far as the interviewing process, and would like some suggestions or tips.

    What kinds of questions did thay ask you?
    Were the majority of questions asking about you & your work ethic? Or Reasons for wanting to be a prison nurse?
    Were the questions mostly about nursing skills, treatments, and pharm?

    Any and all responses would help ease the anxiety
    I have been out of school for over a year, and I feel like I can't correctly answer any thing they may ask me. I hope it's just my nerves getting the best of me.
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  3. by   royalnurse2b
    Hey girl you can do it. I wish I could answer some of your questions however I too just applied to a prison. I was wondering how long it took them to process your app and get back to you. Good luck!!!
  4. by   Orca
    I conduct a lot of interviews for medical correctional personnel. Maybe I can offer a few pointers to help you out.

    First of all, be truthful. Don't try to manufacture experience you don't have. If they ask you about any prior work with inmates and you don't have any, there is nothing wrong with saying that. Follow it up by saying that you are intrigued by the possibility of working in an environment unlike anywhere you have worked before. If you have heard good things about correctional nursing, insert them here, with one exception: If anyone has told you that it is "easy", don't mention that. If the job is easy it isn't being done right, anyway.

    You may be asked about your feelings about being in close proximity to inmates, or what you expect to be different between correctional nursing and the areas of nursing you have worked in. Your response should include awareness of your surroundings, maintaining proper professional distance, securing sharps, and never going anywhere alone with an inmate. It also never hurts to include in most answers that you would follow facility policy.

    We include a hypothetical situation question about an inmate flattering a nurse by saying that she is the best nurse and no one else seems to care. The response we are looking for is that the nurse sees this as a potential manipulation, that she will continue to maintain proper professional distance and that she will not allow the inmate to split staff.

    Another piece of advice: Answer the question clearly and concisely, then stop talking. I cannot tell you how many prospective employees have talked their way out of a potential job offer with information they volunteered while filling time after they answered a question.
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  5. by   StephanieSmithCA_LVN
    I got the job
    Right after the interview, which was very comfortable, and easy going, I was informed I was going to be hired. I went immediately to get my Live-Scan done, and my badge is on its way. I interviewed on 4/30 and start June 1st.
    Very Very exciting.
  6. by   4_Sq
    Way to go!
    Hope you love your new job!
  7. by   StephanieSmithCA_LVN
    Thank you SO much for the help I am interviewing AGAIN for another correctional nursing position, but with Juveniles.
  8. by   StephanieSmithCA_LVN
    Hi, It took a few weeks to hear back from the initial, sending in the application. Then, an interview was scheduled for a few days later. Have you heard anything back from anyone yet??
  9. by   royalnurse2b
    Quote from StephanieSmithCA_LVN
    Hi, It took a few weeks to hear back from the initial, sending in the application. Then, an interview was scheduled for a few days later. Have you heard anything back from anyone yet??
    Congrats on getting the job! No I haven't heard anything back thus far. I'm going to follow up Monday.
  10. by   DavidDudley
    What juvenile facility?
  11. by   Orca
    Glad to hear that it worked out. Good luck. If you run into a situation that puzzles you or you're not quite sure what to do with it, bring it here.
  12. by   wgreene1952
    I am hoping someone can answer a couple of questions for me. I took an exam months ago and scored 95. I have been getting a lot of the employment inquiries with needs to be returned with the actual application. I have returned at 6 applications and still no interview offers. A few of the letters have numbers next to the work rank (71/187), 65/280. It is all very confusing and I am getting very discourage. I am an ICU nurse with almost 3 years experience, I have my ACLS, TNCC etc... Can someone who has already gone through the process tell me why I cannot seem to get an interview? I started applying since June of this years and still nothing.
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    I just notice
    some of my misspelled words. Please forgive
  14. by   apoppyfield
    Just got a call for an interview at a state hospital.. wheh!! i'm so excited, nervous and a little afraid. So thankful for all the posts here and that I already started compiling them into a format for review. With all this input, I am confident that I will give a good interview.