correctional delegation

  1. We have a new nurse manager with no correctional or hospital experience. The nurse manager's background is longterm care.
    This is a new position and we are told that we can not send a juvenile to the emergency room, give a prn injection or have them epc'd without her authorization. We are all RN's and the state says "nursing assessment cannot be delegated"
    We are also told that we can no longer lock down a juvenile for refusing a psychotrophic medication.
    We are told how to pass meds as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   morte
    are you union and does this person have ANY adolescent experience at all!!!?
  4. by   brownsugar8rn
    At present no union, we are organizing and need a voluntary nod from our county board.
    We are told that our mars and the way we administer meds are wrong
  5. by   bradenrn11
    Where are you located? I work in correctional and would like to talk with you private my e-mail is who is telling you your mars are wrong and the way you administer meds. I've had this same prob.
  6. by   nursemollyrn
    ooh I've worked long term care and that alone is nut great preparation for corrections, especially in a management role. You have my sympathy.

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