AUGH! My Boss!!

  1. We had another nurse quit Monday. Third one this month.

    Nurse B did infection control. Had to work 3 12 hr shifts and one 4 hr shift. Requested that her schedule chg to M-F 8am-4:30pm. Boss said no way, no way, no way. This is not why Nurse B quit, but didn't help the situation any. Now Boss has hired Nurse A for that job and the hours for Nurse A are M-F 9am-5:30pm. Boss says that the job really needs the hours to be M-F.

    Nurse S requested Thanksgiving night off as they go out of town every year. Requested this 3 months in advance. Boss said NO because she took off last year. Another nurse volunteered to work that night. Still NO. Now Nurse S has quit.

    Nurse M does all her work and then some. Normal shift hours are 5:45pm to 6:15 am for night shift. Boss has had to relieve her several times and each time, Boss comes in at 7am. She has told Boss that she has to leave on time in order to go pick up granddaughter so DD can get to work and then she takes GD to school. Boss continues to show up at 7am. This last time, Boss goes out and tells dayshift nurses that Nurse M is mad and upset and she'll just have to get over herself. Now Nurse M has quit.

    On Oct 4, there was a NOW order for PCN IM. Order was noted by Nurse H. However, I could not find a notation on MAR that indicated it was given. When Nurse H came in for nightshift, I asked her about the order and she said she had not given it and that there was also another NOW order for the same thing on another Resident, but she couldn't remember his name. I told her she needed to give them. She didn't and I had to give them on Oct 8. I wrote up a med error and BOSS jumped all over me for not giving it when I found it and Nurse H didn't get in trouble at all. I tried to explain that I needed to verify that she hadn't given the order since she noted the order. That only made it worse.

    Nurse K didn't have a relief the other night and Boss told her she would have to stay and that she (Boss) would come and relieve her at midnight. Nurse K had been there since 5:45 am. Boss showed up at 4am. Nurse K worked nearly 24 hrs straight. When Nurse K told her that she didn't appreciate her not coming at midnight and voicing how tired she was, Boss went into rant about how tired SHE was and how she is tired of working her shift and ours too.

    Last Friday, she chewed on my behind and complained about everything I did until I thought I was back with my Ex-husband again.

    I just needed to vent. I swear I think she is Satan's offspring. :angryfire I hate even going to work tomorrow. Forget complaining to upper management. Every person that has done that has gotten fired. I have NEVER worked for someone like this before. There was an office meeting yesterday and I didn't even go. Last month, she had so many complaints about us, I finally asked her if we ever did anything right. She said yes, but couldn't name one thing.

    AUGH. Help me make it thru another week.
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  3. by   muffie
    oh my gosh
    then surely my mn is a queen
    good luck
    sounds like you need it
    keep us posted
    what an awful leader, not exactly inspiring individual
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  4. by   jamangel
    sounds almost like one of my bosses at one of th ecounty jails I work for. Awful
  5. by   **nurse**
    Keep track of those nurses that quit, they may come back when your boss from hell is gone. Does a large corporation contract you? They usually get interested in what's going on when it starts costing them too much money. What if a couple of you took your issues up at the same time? With three gone this month, surely they wouldn't want to loose more?

    Sorry you are miserable now. Eventually, this too will pass.
  6. by   Mudwoman
    Yeah. Hump day for me is done. She was busy yesterday training a new manager for another location. I will have made it through another week at the end of tomorrow.

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