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Are there any web sites for nurses working in the correctional field? I have tried to find at least one, and have been unsuccessful. Thank you.

You might try Correctional Medical Services. From what I can tell, they contract medical staff for jails and prisons. (Only in select states, though.)

There is a site for corrections generally., I think it is.

National Commission of Correctional Health Care. The accreditation of corredtional health care facilities. They offer accreditation for practitioners in correctional settings, also have conferences throughout the year that offer relevant seminars to our practice area. Have been to two conferences and have learned things that are relevant to the correctional health care setting. If you are committed to this specialty I would highly reccommend that you attend at least one of the conferences. You can google NCCHC, and get the link to their site. Will also give you the standards required for certification of your facility, which are different for jails, prisons, or juvenile facilities.

Specializes in ER, ICU, Corrections.

There is also they also have seminars about current correctional trends. The also have state chapeters in many states and if your state doesn't have one maybe you can work with someone and get an affliation in your state or join another. I am a member of the OCHSA and I have been one for 16 years. Have had a lot of good seminars both locally and nationaly. It is a great organization and it helps support the correctional nursing field.:yeahthat:

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