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correctional nursing pay in ma

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Hello all Mass Correctional Nurses - I was wondering if any of you nurses working in corrections could give me some advice. I am a new nurse with 7 months experience on a cardiac floor. I just got an offer from a correctional facility in Massachusetts for a per diem position. They want to start me at $28 an hour. This is about $3 less than I currently make. I am not sure but I thought this might be a little on the low side. Does anyone know what correctional facilities in MA usually pay?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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If it is UMASS you are working with, I would not do it. There are better jobs out there. UMASS is in a crisis right now and some of the correctional facilities are dangerous to work in to say the least. Take it from an experienced nurse, DO NOT DO IT RIGHT NOW. Go find a sweet job in Home Health or a Clinic or Hospice or Geriatrics. After at least 5 years IMO if you want to try corrections then go for it. Just my :twocents:.

Thank you very much for your advice, I really appreciate it. The job is not at UMASS - I am still leaning toward not taking the job - it is a cut in pay for me. For some reason I thought the hourly rate would be better.

Thanks again!!

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